Shamrock Shake Finder

Early in Februray 2011, I was lost in a desparate search for the Shamrock Shake. It was that sordid time of year; the McDonald's Corporation had announced the Shamrock Shake, but not that many of the actual stores had it yet. I was unusually determined. I HAD to have it! I went to location, after location, after location. I kept getting shot down.

I went to one particular location in Lynnwood, WA. The Drive Thru employee told me they had it...only to present me with that cream colored abomination that is the Eggnog shake at the window. I was distraught. I had a very Frank Costanza-esque moment..."THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!!!". From that moment, Shamrock Shake Finder was born.

This tool is dedicated to helping dedicated Shamrock Shake fans find their treat. Hopefully, with the help of these tools, you won't end up in a situation like I did. Good luck!

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